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We listen to victims, and we borrow their thoughts. We talk to experts and add common sense to create technology that motivates action for every level of the targeted situation.
You will never feel unsafe with these apps. Keep it installed, and stay alert!


Safe Family Circle Premium


The Texas Guardians Launched App for family members to stay connected.
Simple download from the play or apple store, and create the circle/group for your family members. Every circle Group will have a unique code. Just share that unique code with any of your family members to connect with you. After connection, Live tracking, chatting, and other premium features will be activated.

The seizure Emergency Alert App is simple and easy to submit a report. During Emergency, shake the mobile to active Alert. If not possible to vibrate, press the power button four times, and the alert will activate.
We also added a floating widget option to submit a Report quickly.
This widget will always be visible on the screen and press this shortcut button for SOS alert. SOS Alert is directly connected with your emergency contacts. Minimum 2 Emergency contacts are required to add to the App before sending the alert. Make sure your emergency contacts are active and respond during an emergency. This App was designed and developed by The Texas Guardians. This App is the more accessible and fastest way to submit an SOS alert in Seizure.
Video calling is another feature of this App; press the Calling button. A meeting link is instantly sent to the emergency contacts, and they can talk directly with the user without any cost.

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When it comes to taking meds, it’s easier to forget and mess up the routine. In this regard, the Medicine Reminder app comes in very handy to remind you of those medicines at their respective time of the day. Easily customize the Morning, Noon, and Evening time for taking your meds. Please select the time of taking the medication from the times, e.g., Morning, Noon, Evening, or even three, depending on the drug. You can even select whether to take a specific medication after or before a meal.

Repo Man Safety Premium

Repossession Agents Are Under Fire!
From coast to coast in the U.S., Violence against Recovery Agents are on the rise. Assault and threats remain a pervasive occupational safety hazard for repossession professionals. Cellphones could have been instrumental in reporting these deadly events. The Repo Man “Instant Emergency Notification” app by the Texas Guardians is connecting technology to law enforcement situation rooms for faster reporting when response times matter most.


The app is available to any medical professional and medical center, allowing individuals to report various situations that include suspicious activities and explosions to threats, shooters, and suicides. A cell phone is a physical extension of today’s medical professional. They always have it with them, and it’s always on, making it the perfect vehicle for reporting potentially deadly situations. In many instances, medical centers that employ full-time security have standard operating procedures requiring them to take positions outside the buildings and not actively intervene or engage with the threat.

Faith App Premium

"Faith" by The Texas Guardians offers congregations a place of comfort, hope, and peace during worshiping. This App is for communities that want to add an extra layer of security/protection during an active shooter or any other threat encountered. Law enforcement and other first responders will instantly get a notification with the exact coordinates along with the name of the congregation, a brief message explaining the situation, and in most cases, what the active shooter looks like with a click of a button.

2021-01-10 (1).png

Now available to all realtors. Having this Safe Alert App from the Texas Guardians is like having your very own technological security with you. How It Works: During an emergency or threat, the realtor can summon help with a click of a button quickly and discreetly without the need to type it in or talk on the phone. Instant alerts will be sent to the realtors' main office, 911, or local PD.

The FAM App Premium

✓ Get notified when family members are in an emergency
✓ Video & Audio Calls to family members
✓ Check Family Members Live Location
✓ Check Nearby Places
✓ Get advised when crossing the Max Speed Limit
✓ In Case of Emergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert.
✓ Safe Driving Features | Auto Silent while driving
✓ Check Phone Battery Life and much more...


Women Safety app is the best app to inform and update your close ones if you are in an unsafe place. The app is the fastest and easiest way to update your close ones about your location and other details. With just a tap of a button, the app sends an e-mail to preconfigured email ID(s) along with your site and a link to Google Map; you will never feel unsafe with this app. Keep it installed, and stay alert!

Mom & Pop Safety Premium

For years, there have been violent crimes, robberies, shoplifting, or employee theft, and convenience stores have dealt with store security issues. Robberies are up all-around, specifically in convenience stores, as the latest released FBI statistics show. Surveillance cameras are critical, not because they will necessarily prevent a robbery, but it helps in identifying people for arrests and convictions. Store owners often struggle to find thefts, robberies, and violence before they occur.


Activate Automatically
Max Speed Limit
Panic Buttons
Accident Report
Roadside Assistance
Car-Jacked Driving
Unsafely Share Location
Speed Meter ​
Live Tracking
Speed Meter
Contact us to learn more

Safe House App Sponsor

This App is made for everyone to stay safe at the house. In case of any emergency at Home, press the Panic button. Alert will instantly send to the emergency contacts a pre-added message and the exaction location.

Contact us to get this app or become a sponsor of this App.

2021-02-24 (5).png
2021-02-24 (7).png

Panic Buttons
Someone trying to kill me
Someone Trying to Kidnap me
Fire Rescue
I am Safe
I am Hurt
Active Shooter
Pre-Added Emergency Message
Emergency Contacts Share Location with Report Easy to Use No Training Required to use.

OutDoor Safety App

The Texas Guardians Developed App for outdoors Safety!
Our Adventure App has the top safety features to stay connected and safe when outside. All users can connect and see live locations, send SOS alerts, and chat/ call anytime via App. App provides much information about your other partners or members.
This is available on Demand. Please contact us for the Demo.


Order Your Own app Customized

We also offer customized safety app solutions to all types of businesses. Just book an online meeting with us, and we will come back to you with the best safety app plan and admin portals.
We provide complete documentation along with a demonstration before confirming any deal.

Get Your App Today!

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