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CMV Safe Drivers 

The ⛟CMV Safe Drivers App was created for all Commercial and employee drivers such as, School Bus Drivers, Truck Drivers, Ambulance Drivers City, County, State and Federal drivers.

⛟ Features of CMV Safe Drivers© [Driver APP]
✓-Shows exact speed of vehicle in MPH.
✓-Automatically active when it sees your speed has reached 15 MPH. Once the driving has stopped the app will automatically deactivate and your phone will go back to its normal operating mode.
✓-Automatically reject and reply to incoming calls.
✓-Automatically reject and reply to incoming text Messages.
✓-Automatically send notifications to Admin or Controller about Max Speed, When Exit App or try to change any information from APP.

⛟ Features of CMV Safe Drivers© APP [Admin Panel]
✓-Track Location of drivers.
✓-Track Speed of Vehicles. 
✓-View the exact location of Vehicles on the Map.
✓-Admin will get warning message when Driver exceed the max speed i.e 75 MPH.
✓-Admin will receive a notification when drivers exit or deactivate the CMV app on their smartphones.
✓-Admin will get notification when drivers try to change the admin details from their smartphones.
✓-Admin can share Driver APP link to their drivers from setting in a single click.

❝We’re making our roads a safer place for everyone.
Please join the movement to change the way we drive. Let us help you break away from this dangerous habits most of us have obtained. You can save a life or easily take one. You have a choice❞

Get this life-saving APP and join our movement today.

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