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The Biggest Problems Anywhere and Most of The Time

Well-meaning individuals that don’t communicate clearly and inadvertently delays rescue efforts.

Response Time: Over the 24 hours a day, the national average emergency response time is about 15 minutes, 19 seconds.

Reporting Time: This is the length of time taken from the person calling in the emergency to 911. The reporting time is unknown. When a person is under threat or is witnessing a crime, your body's fight-flight-freeze response is triggered by psychological fears. It can also produce harmful effects on a task performance that distracts the individual from a single purpose, such as reporting a deadly situation.

Roy Tijerina 

The Perfect Combination To The Development of Safety & Security Systems 

"When Response Time Matters"

Semi-AI autonomous Systems can assist individuals' decision-making without direct human interference at the moment without the capability to intercede, interrupt, or modify important data.

We design and develop a variety of robust, custom Semi-autonomous reporting Systems that allows individuals to make better decisions more accurately and quicker when reporting an emergency or facing a threat.


Our platform will prevent any interruption, intentionally or unintentionally misleading information provided by a caller when they report a situation to authorities when they are witnessing a crime, threatened, harassed, or injured.


Our system provides Real-time Data and Information to designated individuals or groups assigned to respond. It’s built to instantly collaborate data and other helpful information to the responding law enforcement, building security, or campus designated security team.


The system allows all designated team members or individuals to receive specific alerts with valuable data depending on the type of alert that has been activated. 

Designated Activators are provided access to all tools and features to send notices such as lockdowns, perimeter lockdowns, weather alerts, drills, etc. 

When the system is activated, a domino effect happens. The system instantly engages with designated individuals, teams, or first responders without further intervention by a human operator to avoid human error. 

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